GSK-Cambridge Alliance for clinical research

GSK, the University of Cambridge, and Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, have established a strategic partnership, combining their complementary skills and resources for clinical research, aiming to jointly deliver new medicine to patients in the next 5-10 years.

The collaboration is based around a clinical trials unit owned by GSK and located within Cambridge’s main hospital.  GSK’s Clinical Unit Cambridge (CUC) is a research facility specialising in innovative Phase 1 and early Phase 2 studies. The research undertaken at the centre spans a broad range of therapeutic areas, with approximately half of the current portfolio involving experts from the University of Cambridge.

Academic researchers provide specialised disease knowledge while the pharmaceutical company maintains high standards of regulatory compliance and operational efficiency, as well as compounds and resources. GSK also provides an ‘Entrepreneur in Residence’ to promote translational thinking among academic researchers at the University, encouraging scientists to consider possible clinical applications of their work. In addition, GSK provides support to academics submitting applications to translational funding programmes.

The partnership includes a Varsity Funding Programme, which directly funds collaborative projects aiming to develop new medicines across the breadth of GSK research areas of interest, as well as supporting research addressing clear gaps in our understanding of disease and drug mechanisms.