The European Paediatric Formulation Initiative

The European Paediatric Formulation Initiative (EuPFI) is a consortium of organisations working together to deliver better and safer medicines for children. Established in 2007, the consortium now has 14 members from the pharmaceutical industry, academic research institutions, and hospital pharmacies, with the European Medicine Agency as an observer.

The consortium identifies challenges in formulating medicines for children, facilitates discussion between relevant partners, and supports the implementation of solutions with funding, resources, and expertise. EuPFI members work together in a pre-competitive way, sharing their experience and expertise through interactive discussions. The consortium supports new technologies emerging from academic research and encourages pharmaceutical companies to consider paediatric formulations at an early stage of medicine development.

One major aim of the consortium is to improve the availability of information relevant to paediatric formulations. Medicines are created by mixing the active ingredient with other ingredients known as excipients, which can help ensure that the drug reaches the desired concentration, facilitate drug absorption, and improve long-term stabilization. Some excipients are less well tolerated in children than adults, as their physiological systems are still developing. Despite extensive excipient safety data for adults, there is very limited paediatric data for the development of medicines for children. EuPFI developed the Safety and Toxicity of Excipients for Paediatrics (STEP) database which provides the drug development community with readily accessible safety information for excipients used in paediatric formulations, and is freely available on the EuPFI website.

Membership of EuPFI is open to anyone with an interest in paediatric formulation development to advance the delivering of medicines for children.

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